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Mid-Century Images from Elaine K. Sewell Jones’ Press Boxes

Went scouring through Elaine K. Sewell Jones’ press boxes. Found some amazing magazines and books with great mid-century imagery. Check it out! And this book and magazine will be for purchase in the upcoming May 23, 2010 Modern Art & Design Auction.

Just in: Herman Miller Textiles & Objects Book of Photographs

LAMA is currently representing objects from the collection of Elaine K. Sewell Jones and A. Quincy Jones. Among the vast assortment of books, drawings, magazines, and photographs, one book in particular caught our eye.  A Herman Miller Textiles & Objects book of compiled photographs taken by Charles Eames, which was hand-made by Elaine Jones who handled public relations for T&O, contains images of the short-lived Textiles & Objects Shop in New York City. Textiles & Objects Shop was a Herman Miller store that showcased Alexander Girard fabrics, as well as objects Girard found on his international travels.

The T&O book was meant to act as marketing material for Elaine to promote the store. Elaine asked Eames for the prints he took of the interior of the store, and she used these images to compile the book.

This book represents the over-lapping of important Mid-Century design figures. Photographs taken from the eye of Charles Eames of an installation produced by Alexander Girard, and then hand picked and compiled by Elaine Jones.

Only a handful books were ever produced. This book will be offered in the next LAMA Auction in Spring 2010. **Correction: This book will NOT be offered with a T&O poster.