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California Modern Master: Milo Baughman

Milo Baughman had some very supportive parents.
When they were drawing up the plans for their house in Long Beach, California, they needed a fresh and cutting-edge designer, so they chose Milo. He was thirteen.

Baughman designed the interior and exterior of the family home, his first opportunity to utilize his elegant and straightforward approach to design. After serving in World War II and attending Art Center College of Design and Chouinard Institute (now known as California Institute of the Arts), he designed furniture for companies such as Glenn of California, including this desk, a functional yet distinctly modern piece.

As he quickly became an in-demand furniture designer, companies around the nation invited him to their showrooms. In 1953, Baughman began a 50-year partnership with the High Point, North Carolina furniture manufacturer Thayer Coggin that would last until his death. Much of his furniture was comfortable, stylish, and subdued, like his red armchair, while other pieces, namely his 1965 desk, convey his distinctive place amongst California Modern furniture makers.

Contributing Writer, Paul DesMarais

Lot Information:

Lot 48
Milo Baughman  
Pair of ottomans  
Thayer Coggin  
designed circa 1955    
One retains Thayer Coggin label  
Each 14.5″h x 20.75″ x 20.75″
Estimate $600 – 900
June 26, 2011 Modern Art & Design Auction

Lot 49
Milo Baughman  
Highback lounge chair & ottoman  
Thayer Coggin
 designed circa 1959    
39″h x 28.5″w x 31″d
Estimate $1,500 – 2,000
June 26, 2011 Modern Art & Design Auction 

Lot 343
Milo Baughman  
Glenn of California
designed circa 1950
28.5″h x 54″w x 24″d  
Estimate $2,000 – 3,000 
June 26, 2011 Modern Art & Design Auction 

Lot 344
Milo Baughman  
Pair of armchairs
designed circa 1970
Each 32″h x 23″w x 29″d
Estimate $1,600 – 1,800 
June 26, 2011 Modern Art & Design Auction

Lot 345 
Milo Baughman  
Thayer Coggin
designed circa 1959
28″h x 27″w x 29″d
Estimate $800 – 1,200 
June 26, 2011 Modern Art & Design Auction  

Lot 347
Milo Baughman  
Glen of California
designed circa 1953
Model no. 1625
29.75″h x 56.75″l x 28″d
Estimate $1,800 – 2,500 
June 26, 2011 Modern Art & Design Auction 

Schreckengast, Heather L. “Milo Baughman: Modern Legend.” Florida Design 13.1 (2003): n. pag. Web. 8 June 2011.

Just in: David Hockney Swimming Pool

Quintessential California Modern artist David Hockney depicted his infatuation with Southern California by capturing the coolness of its unique landscape and culture.  The pool naturally emerged as the subject of many of his paintings as it epitomized Los Angeles’ leisure lifestyle.  In his biography Hockney expressed his fascination with painting water and finding various mediums to portray it.  His subsequent mediums thus included watercolor, pen and ink and Polaroid photo collages. He stated his method of illustrating water was inspired by Jean Dubuffet’s abstract, textured paintings and Bernard Cohen’s Technicolor spaghetti pictures.  In 1964 the British-born Hockney moved to Los Angeles and painted his first swimming pool in the February 1964 painting California Art Collector. The fabricated setting of this painting was a result of many inspirations, except for the swimming pool, which came from a swimming pool advertisement in the Los Angeles Times.  In the aptly named 1980 lithograph, “Lithograph of Water Made of Thick and Thin Lines and a Light Blue Wash and a Dark Blue Wash”, Hockney approaches his usual theme with the initial child-like wonder he had when first arriving in California by employing simple colors and doodle-like squiggles.  This particular Hockney oeuvre continues to inspire viewers to fantasize about the idyllic, easy-going California way of living.

David Hockney
“Lithograph of Water Made of Thick and Thin Lines and a Light Blue Wash and a Dark Blue Wash”
Signed and dated
Estimate $25,000 – 30,000
To be offered in October 17, 2010 Auction

Early California Modern: Anna Katharine Skeele

Born in Wellington, Ohio, Anna Skeele first started her art studies while at Olivet College in Michigan. After moving to Southern California in 1912, she settled in Monrovia and continued at Pomona College. Furthering her art studies in the 1920s, Skeele worked with Armin Hansen in Monterey, Art Students League of New York City under Hawthorn and Bridgman, Académie de la Grande Chaumière and André Lhote in Paris, and Royal Academy of Arts in Florence.  In 1951 Skeele and her husband Frode Dann established the Pasadena School of Fine Art.

Anna Katharine Skeele, War Dance, circa 1945, Oil on canvas with artist's frame, Estimate $3,000 - 5,000

Very few works by Skeele have shown up on the market; however because of the quality of her work there has always been a lot of competition. This example has the artist’s original frame and retains an exhibition label from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art from 1945!

Literature: Huges, Edan Milton. Artist in California, 1786-1940. Sacramento: Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum