Save the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden

Please join us
to help save the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden


January 31, 2012
5-7 p.m.

Community Magnet School

11301 Bellagio Road
Los Angeles, CA 90049


Garden lovers, neighbors, and the interested public are invited to a meeting in Bel-Air on Tuesday evening, January 31, to discuss the future of the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden. UCLA has announced plans to sell the garden, and challenged the community to help identify a buyer who will maintain it and keep it open to the public. The Garden Conservancy, a national garden preservation group, has joined the Los Angeles Conservancy, California Preservation Foundation, the California Garden and Landscape History Society, and concerned individuals to gather public interest and support to save the garden.

Kendall Brown, noted authority on Japanese gardens in America, will discuss the history and significance of the garden at this gathering. We have invited UCLA officials to join us and share their perspective. We welcome your ideas and help in saving this garden treasure.

Please RSVP to Paulette DuBey at the Bel-Air Association
Telephone 310-474-3527

Parking is limited; please carpool.

Questions or suggestions:

For more information, please see the Garden Conservancy website, the Los Angeles Conservancy website, a Los Angeles Times article from this past Sunday, January 22, and a Los Angeles Times editorial from the same date.

– The Garden Conservancy

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