Peter’s Auction Picks of the Day: December 6th

What’s Next

Many times in our preview perspective bidders or just admirers of design ask me, what do I think is the next big thing, what is it that in a few years we will all look back and say “Wow, I should have bought that”?

In this sale there are many pieces that I think could be the next important objects that will be highly sought after. We have a long history at LAMA of introducing these pieces to the market well before there is a critical mass of buyers. For various reasons some objects are plentiful early on in the market place and as they become rarer, exhibited and publicized the price tends to increase accordingly.

Lot 120, the Chihuly chandelier is a tight tangle of fluid forms that resemble sea anemone, strands of kelp, and even mythic sea sprites. Comprised of over 190 individually hand blown works of glass they are assembled together to arrange a complex and pleasing mass of shapes and colors that epitomize Dale Chihuly’s inventive works. One might wait months or even years for Chihuly to create a work of this magnitude and typically pay in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, at auction now and in the near future extraordinary works like this will show up, and may be a tremendous opportunity to acquire works  without the waiting list or the large financial cost.  Certainly twenty years from now, I would not be surprised if someone looked back at the catalogue and say “Could you imagine back in 2011 there were Chihuly installations that were selling for so little?” Act now and you too can acquire what’s next.

Lot Information:

Lot 120
Dale Chihuly

Gilded Opal and Deep Garnet Chandelier
custom executed March 2004
Blown glass chandelier
Approximately 5′ x 6′
Estimate $40,000 – 60,000

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