Peter’s Auction Picks of the Day: October 6th

Turn on, Tune in

Today we have a little fun with art you can plug-in, whether it lights up, does a little dance, or something in between.

With the flip of a switch, the stained glass window of Lot 80, Bruce Houston’s Untitled (Diorama of Worshippers) lights up from within.  The cheap, prefab school boys stand reverently but not before some ancient sacred relic.  No, their reverence is for a much newer holy fetish: a stained glass replica of a Mondrian painting.  They worship at the church of the new.  And the headless black dress model whom the boys surround?   Well, we might guess that’s the closest these feckless lads will be getting to a lady for a long, long time.

Lot 219, Julio Le Parc’s Forme en Contorsion sur Trames Rouges, already looks like it’s moving before you plug it in.  But when the aluminum ribbon starts to move, causing the background stripes to undulate and fold into themselves in its metal reflection, that’s when this already vibrant work goes into pop bliss overdrive.

Chuck Prentiss’ classic Kinetic Box, Lot 234, takes a handful of Christmas-style bulbs, and with only smoke and mirrors (okay, no smoke–just rather smokey mirrors) turns them into a hazy infinity of colorful light.

Finally, Lot 235, Reflection II by L. Dworkin, with its twin arcs of wires, fuses, and metal bars, has an industrial-age soaring quality, like wings of a future long past.  Tiny industrial lights, despite the 1973 pre-computer technology, are programmed to flash progressively from bottom to top and back again for your own personal light show.

Lot 80 Bruce Houston  Untitled (Diorama)    c. 1980-95  Mixed media   Signed bottom  11.675″ x 11.375″ x 5″   Estimate $500 – 700

Lot 219 Julio Le Parc  Forme en Contorsion sur Trames Rouges   Editions Denise Rene, Paris  1968  Boxed kinetic multiple with motorized aluminum motif  # 57 of 250  Editions Denise Rene label verso  39.5″ x 12″ x 6″  Estimate $4,000 – 6,000

Lot 234 Chuck Prentiss  Kinetic Box    circa 1969  Stainless steel with lights  Estimate $500 – 700

Lot 235 L Dworkin  Reflection II    1973  Metal with bulbs  AP  Signed, titled and dated verso; Note on verso “Repair parts and instructions inside”  Box 16″ x 16″ x 9.5″  Estimate $500 – 700


One response to “Peter’s Auction Picks of the Day: October 6th

  1. Brilliant post! Illuminating! It really lit up my day.

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