Painters’ Playing Cards

We are organizing, cataloging, and becoming entranced by Richard Dorso’s collection of 400 plus works. In addition to the overwhelming amount of art work, Dorso also amassed an incredible art book collection. While scouring through some of his books, I came across a handful of Art in America magazines. The one I picked up from April 1963 so happened to have this poignant article: “Painters’ Playing Cards”.

Words from the writer:
“Let us hope that the charming playing cards on these pages may help to lead the serious art of our time into a more living and casual intimacy with our everyday moments.”

The article consists of five paragraphs, and four artists’ interpretations of playing cards by George Biddle, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Jacob Lawrence, and Josef Albers.

Josef Albers playing cards.

Minimal and beautiful.

Art in America

Vol. 51, No. Two, April 1963.
Pages 39 – 42


Presented by A. Hyatt Mayer,
Curator of Prints at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


One response to “Painters’ Playing Cards

  1. Love the cards, especially the Biddles – incredibly colorful and witty.

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