Ángel Bottelo: The Caribbean Gauguin

Ángel Botello (1913-1986), accomplished painter, sculptor, and graphic artist, achieved international recognition through his wide-ranging talents, styles, and subject matter. After studying and painting at art school in Paris and Madrid, Botello joined the Spanish Civil War as a cartographer. Upon Francisco Franco’s victory in 1939, Botello and his family fled to the Dominican Republic where a burgeoning artist community of locals and European exiles welcomed the talented painter. He achieved success and developed his post-Impressionistic style through painting bright tropical landscapes and figures; art critics and dealers deemed him “The Caribbean Gauguin”. In 1953, Botello and his family moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, his home until his death in 1986. As an art pioneer in the country, he opened one of the first art galleries and began painting his three children, his favorite subjects. Untitled (No. 1781) and Untitled (No. 1919), more animated in the style of Picasso yet equally as vibrant, express a playfulness and optimism not previously seen in his early work.

– Paul DesMarais, Contributing Writer

Lot Information:

Lot 369
Ángel Botello
Untitled (No. 1781)
Oil on canvas
Signed lower right
72” x 60”
Provenance: Private Collection , Beverly Hills , California
June 26, 2011 Modern Art & Design Auction
Estimate $45,000-50,000

Lot 370
Ángel Botello
Untitled (No. 1919)
Oil on wood panel
Signed lower right
42” x 36”
Provenance: Private Collection, Beverly Hills , California
June 26, 2011 Modern Art & Design Auction
Estimate $35,000-45,000

Ángel Botello.” Atlas Galleries. Atlas Galleries Chicago, 2005. Web. 14 May 2011..


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