Save the UCLA Faculty Center (1959)

The beautiful, mid-century UCLA Faculty Center is in danger of being torn down and we need your help!  Not only is the building itself in danger, but also the amazing landscape architecture and gardens surrounding it.

This garden view of the UCLA Faculty Center exhibits classic mid-century indoor-outdoor living, which captures framing views of 50-year-old pine trees.

To help save this mid-century monument please sign and leave comments on the Petition site.

For more images and history on the building visit the Save the Faculty Center


One response to “Save the UCLA Faculty Center (1959)

  1. The faculty center is a dump. The only solution is demolition. What is the historical significance? Who was the architect? Where do they get their toxic mold?

    There is a lot of misinformation, too. I saw the “facts.” 1) it will not be a replica of UT, Austin’s center, and is slated to have 330 parking spaces.

    UCLA needs a facility worthy of its world class status, and the current Faculty Center is an embarrassment.

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