Eames Contract Storage

On the way to the Brentwood home where this Eames Contract Storage Unit resided, I was thinking of the ways I could graduate from modern art neophyte to at least an amateur status.

I had only been living in California for two weeks when I was hired to work as an assistant to help remove and transport modern art and furniture.  By confessing my blue-collar dream job of becoming a moving man, I had landed myself some temporary work.  For a strange and unknown reason, I find that moving furniture is just as relaxing as sitting on it.  And really, it couldn’t be any harder than moving my very un-modern green and black sofa bed out of a Baltimore City basement, right?

I was smart enough and scared enough to know, without being told, that I couldn’t bump furniture into the walls.  There would also be no forcing, wiggling, pushing, or slamming anything through a door frame.  There would be a new set of rules to accompany these delicate objects.

Upon entering the home, I was confronted with an array of stunning artwork, the most I had seen outside of museums or the LAMA warehouse.  As I surveyed the living room and dining room, I realized that we would probably be removing more of this artwork than I had originally thought.  Peter taught me how to shrink-wrap paintings in moving blankets and once he trusted me enough to complete them on my own, he ventured down the hallway.  I became curious to see Peter’s primary reason for this voyage.

The simple yet inviting bedroom – shadowy carpet, smooth wood, single bed, and a wide view of the verdant backyard – pleaded for a student.  It wished for books scattered on the floor, photos and a calendar posted on the tack board, and a record player in the corner.  Perhaps feeling the room’s eagerness, I ached to lie on the bed with a pencil and a literature anthology.  The bed was attached to the desk, which was attached to the cabinets and drawers, which were attached to the wall.  It looked as though the unit belonged to the wall, as if it was essential to the house’s frame.  I wanted to interact with it, draw at the desk and hang my clothing in the closets; sadly though, my job was to break it down and haul it away.

Post removal, I had graduated, but the room was naked, missing the integral, straightforward, and efficient Eames design.

Paul DesMarais, Contributing Writer

Lot Information:

Lot 306
Charles & Ray Eames
Storage Unit
Model no. ECS
Herman Miller, designed 1961
This example was the showroom model (as constructed by the Eames Office) at The Herman Miller Showroom in Los Angeles
78”h x 159”l x 24”d (84” with bed)
October 17, 2010 Auction

This complete Eames Contract Storage will be going up for auction on Sunday, October 17, 2010. For more information on how to bid, please visit the LAMA online catalogue.

3 responses to “Eames Contract Storage

  1. I, too, have often thought that moving furniture is as relaxing as sitting on it. Finally someone shares those same sentiments! Thanks, Paul!

  2. Baltimore to LA…. it’s an art form. Beautifully written. Send a copy to Birgit.

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