Ruth Asawa Continuous Form Restoration: A Chat with Aiko Cuneo

Today as I walked into work for the first day of preview, I was pleasantly surprised to see Aiko Cuneo, Ruth Asawa’s daughter, steadily working to restore the Continous Form within a Form (Lot 246), which hangs in the front of our showroom.

Aiko noted that she only started restoring her mother’s work in 2003, and a lot of the techniques she has had to learn on her own. She also stated that as a child her mother taught her how to do basic loops, but never actually produced sculptures, just played with the technique.

I asked Aiko how long it would take her mother to make a sculpture this size (approximately 69 inches high), and Aiko plainly stated that her mother’s answer was always “a lifetime”.  A common misconception about these continuous forms is that Asawa created a fabric of loops and then molded it, but she actually created the shape by adding and subtracting loops, either working top to bottom or bottom to top, which Aiko said involves a lot of math. Additionally Aiko spoke of how her mother would revisit her earlier works and reinterpret these projects later, which shows her constant involvement and development of her own work.

We wish to thank Aiko Cuneo for coming to the LAMA showroom to bring the Asawa Continuous Form within a Form back to its original shape.


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