The Business of Building Magazine (1955) from the A. Quincy Jones Collection

After more rummaging through the assortment of books from the A. Quincy Jones collection, I stumbled upon this interesting magazine called “The Business of Building”. This particular copy is the Research Village issue from 1955 and is stapled into sections that Elaine Jones put together for her press book of A. Quincy Jones’ post-war housing examples.  The cover shot oozes Mid-Century modern with the harmonious blocking of primary colors kicked with hints of orange. The featured article describes the benefits of using commercial materials to build homes that are both economical and aesthetically pleasing.  An A. Quincy Jones house serves as the example, showcasing the malleable nature of commercial material, which gave families the option to shift partitions to customize the layouts of their homes. The photographs of the interiors highlight the fluidity of the home through open passageways between the living, dining, and kitchen areas. The color blocking serves to define space, as well as the exposed joints and beams, which remove the feeling of “boxiness”.  Here are a few photos from the magazine.

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