Natzler Ceramic Bowls and Rare Wind Bells

Rare Natzler Wind Bells and two Natzler ceramic bowls will be offered in the upcoming LA Modern auction on December 6, 2009.  Husband and wife, Otto and Gertrud Natzler are internationally known for their collaborative work, creating objects in clay from 1933 – 1971. The Natzler’s experimented with glaze and body, and in the process harmoniously fused the two together to create an expression of invisible unity, a feat for modern art.  Gertrud focused on the form, which she skillfully created on the wheel. Otto did not compete with Gertrud’s immense talent, and instead concentrated on the glaze.  Otto invented over 2,000 glazes and various firing techniques. He carefully chose the glaze and method of firing to match the form of Gertrud’s pots in a way to always form the perfect skin.  The red glaze was a very popular glaze for the Natzler’s. “The red glazes were enthusiastically received”, said Gail Reynolds Natzler. One bowl available for purchase in the upcoming auction has a Red glaze and was executed circa 1966. The other bowl available has a green Mariposa glaze and was executed in 1961. In addition to the two bowls, two rare wind bells, executed circa 1966, are also available for purchase at auction. The wind bells are rare because they differ from the delicate, precise forms of the bowls. The surface of the bells has been worked by hand; including details perforated with a point and repeated stamping. The expressionistic style of the bells’ surface suggests Peter Voulkos’ idea of torturing the clay, which in the Mid-1960’s was a ground-breaking technique, and shows that the Natzler’s were aware of the idea of working outside traditional decoration.


Lot 97 Otto and Gertrud Natzler Double curved bowl with Red glaze and Lot 102 Otto & Gertrud Natzler Bowl with Green Mariposa glaze with Melt Fissures to be offered in December 6th, 2009 Auction


Lots 100 and 101 Otto and Gertrud Natzler Wind Bells to be offered in December 6, 2009 Auction


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