And now the sale is over…

Phew. Yesterday was a jam-packed day, seeing as we finished the sale just under 6pm (pacific time). Almost six hours straight of close bidding. Here’s the summary if you missed out: Peter and Viveca auctioned the sale and kept the floor rolling.  There were five phone bidders and one internet bidder. The attendance seemed to be around two hundred with people coming and going.  Food was also provided by a gourmet pizza company, who brought their own wood-fire oven. We had a bartender, Sean, who served wine, beer, and soda to keep everyone hydrated. I think everyone had a great time and most people left with the items they wanted. Check out our website for the prices realized as well as unsold items. We will be at the Van Nuys gallery all week from 9am-6pm for all you bidders who won items, so come over and pick up your highly prized collectibles!

Bitters Pots

Bitters Pots




One response to “And now the sale is over…

  1. Nice Sketching. It must be appreciated.

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