Conversation Pesce

In the middle of the hectic preview, I got a chance to snag James Robbins, LAMA’s Client Services Representative, to tell me what his favorite piece in the sale was. He quickly replied, “The ‘Donna’ Chair, of course!”. Luckily, I got to take a photo of him in his three piece suit and the chair. The “Donna” Chair and Ottoman, Lot 264, by Gaetano Pesce is part of  his UP series, a collection of vacuum sealed upholstered furniture, described by Pesce as “transformation furniture”.  The furniture in the UP series were compressed to one tenth of its full size in PVC, and once opened it expanded to its full size, literally springing to life. The human elements shown through the roundness of the chair, reflect Pesce’s interest in the human body. The “Donna” Chair, or “UP5” reflects  Pesce’s perception of women. “They have always been, against their own wills, prisoners of themselves”, and suggests this through the ottoman attached to the chair, making a comparison to “a ball and chain”.

cf. France Vanlaethem, Gaetano Pesce Architecture Design Art, 1989, pp. 11, 52; 100

James and "Donna", Lot 264

James and "Donna", Lot 264


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